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Test-Driven and Test-First Development

Students and clients approach me too many times asking for my take on whether unit tests should be written before or after the code they test. They often tell me that they’ve read or been told that if they write the unit test “after”, it can’t be considered TDD – Test-Driven Development – which is […]

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Every Test Is Isolated

If you’ve been told that the difference between unit tests and integration tests is that unit tests are isolated, you’ve been misinformed. That is, unit tests are isolated, but that’s not the difference. You might be asking yourself what the real difference is, but you’d be asking the wrong question. The right question is: why […]

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Better Ranorex Studio Settings for Subversion

Ranorex Studio doesn’t automatically add new recordings and other files to the Subversion repository. It also generates report files that, because they don’t get into the Subversion repository, end up cluttering the project tree. These two problems are probably related and are easy to fix. The Problem When you create a recording, Ranorex adds the […]

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