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Ranorex: How to Generate and Use Random Values

One of Ranorex’s greatest strengths is that non-coders can build rich test suites using very little code. This lowers the learning curve significantly and helps testers be productive regardless of their coding background. But little code does not mean no code at all. Most test suites need at least a little bit of code. These […]

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Ranorex Speed #2: The Repository Cache

Ranorex supports caching for app folders and rooted folders, which are two types of repository folders. The repository caching feature was designed specifically to improve test run performance. When an action associated with a repository item is executed during a test run, Ranorex tries to use the cache to avoid performing expensive and redundant searches. […]

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Ranorex Basics: RanoreXPaths and Repositories

In the previous post, we discussed plugins, elements and adapters, the most basic Ranorex components that make everything else tick. Whereas elements and adapters are the raw materials, RanoreXPaths and the repository are the sauce that makes it possible to query and work with the UI effectively. And while there isn’t much you can do to […]

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